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Видеоблог. Мода XVI века

Batik is an art form of repeated wax drawing and dying developed approximately 2000 years ago, it is found in the far corners of the world, but is especially popular in Indonesia.

The highest forms are made on the island of Java where in the 16th century it became the property and fashion of the royal courtesans to the Sultan. It wasn't until 200 years later that is became available to the wider public where it became deeply embedded in community life. Because of its royal pedigree, antique pieces are now exorbitantly expensive. 

Batik's vastly different designs and colors are symbolic of the numerous producing regions, towns and their subsequent festivals and religious ceremonies. The number of colors in a batik piece represents how many times the wax drawing and dying process was painstakingly repeated. 

Fine batik silk scarves, skirts and pillow covers are available at Color Island - www.colorisland.com

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